South Carolina was home to the earliest successful settlement in the English Province of Carolina. As one of the thirteen original colonies it was one of the wealthiest prior to the Revolution with strong trading ties to England, and was instrumental in both the economy of the South and its future direction.

A Unique Adventure Awaits You on the South Carolina History Trail.

Our sixty-mile stretch of handsome, gently-curving coastline is known today as the Grand Strand. Once known as Long Bay, it gave birth more than a century ago to Myrtle Beach - originally called New Town - and today is one of America's major beach resorts. Its southern shoulder, surrounds the historic city of Georgetown, the third oldest city in the state, and was once of the home of South Carolina's extraordinary rice culture.

To the west lies the Pee Dee Region, where rich farmland, dense forests and moss-draped swamps drain into the Great Pee Dee River. It's a region renowned for its Native American culture, sprawling plantations and Scots-Irish settlers. To the south lies the legendary South Carolina Low Country, where the colony of Carolina was established at Charles Town in 1670. (Included too on this site, for your convenience, are historic attractions located nearby in neighboring North Carolina.)

Use this site to chart your journey into the remarkable history of northeastern South Carolina, and to savor the natural wonders of our beautiful ecosystem. Plan your own personalized adventure with our itinerary builder or select an organized tour or day trip. Regardless of how you do it, exploring the South Carolina History Trail is certain to be a rewarding journey.

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Discover the Palmetto State's Rich and Fascinating History as You Explore the South Carolina History Trail!

Few places in America can match South Carolina's colorful and extraordinary history, and much of it began here in northeastern South Carolina - in the areas known today as the Grand Strand, the Pee Dee Region and the neighboring Low Country.

It's one of the oldest inhabited areas in the United States, explored and settled by European colonists more than three hundred years ago and occupied by Native Americans ages earlier. A remarkable mosaic of people and events on the South Carolina History Trail have forged the history of our state and our nation - resourceful Indian tribes, bold explorers, determined colonists, African slaves, English sailors, infamous pirates, yeomen farmers, lumbermen, merchants, soldiers, frontier families, educators, political leaders and others.

From the Colonial Period to the modern era, the men, women and children of northeastern South Carolina have endured the wilderness, storm, strife, blight, war, hard times and good times to secure freedom and success - crafting along the way a shared history that will fascinate you as a visitor or a resident.

The evidence of that colorful history awaits you - whether you choose to explore it for an afternoon, a day trip, an extended excursion or just an on-line tour. History buff? Vacationer? Resident? Student? No matter - you'll discover a site, a story, an event or something that will make your time on the South Carolina History Trail a memorable and meaningful adventure.

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