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Clifton Plantation

Located on the southern tip of Waccamaw Neck, north of Georgetown, Clifton Plantation was one of the most spectacular plantations of South Carolina's coastal rice empire. It was the home of William Alston.


Clifton Plantation
22 Hobcaw Road, Georgetown, SC 29440
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Site Description
Clifton Plantation was the showplace home of William "King Billy" Alston, who was the perhaps the wealthiest, most prominent rice planter on the Waccamaw Neck in the 1790s. During his 1791 Southern Tour, President George Washington was entertained overnight at Clifton Plantation which was located on the Waccamaw River, just north of Georgetown. In his diary, Washington described Alston's home: "His house is large, new and elegantly furnished. It stands on a sand hill, high for this country, with his rice fields below, the contrast of which with the lands bank of it, and the sand and piney barrens through which we passed, is scarcely to be believed."

Today, Clifton Plantation is no more - a missing jewel in the lost crown of South Carolina's long-ago rice empire. The site is located on the southern tip of Waccamaw Neck, just north of Georgetown. Clifton Plantation is noted by a South Carolina historical marker erected at a pull-over space beside the southbound lane of U.S. 17, just south of the entrance to Hobcaw Barony.
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