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South Carolina Tobacco Museum

Located in the Marion County town of Mullins which was once the largest tobacco market in the Palmetto State, the South Carolina Tobacco Museum chronicles the history of tobacco growing in the Pee Dee Region. Exhibits depict traditional farm life on a mid-19th century tobacco farm in South Carolina.


South Carolina Tobacco Museum
104 Northeast Front Street, Mullins, SC 29574
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Phone: 843-464-8194
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Site Description
Named in honor of William S. Mullins who moved to Marion County in the early 19th century and represented the area in the South Carolina House of Representatives, Mullins was largely responsible for determining the route of the Wilmington and Manchester Railroad across Marion County which included a station at what became the town of Mullins. Mullins later served as president of the railroad.

The town grew up around the railroad, but gained fame in the early 20th century as a tobacco market rather than a railroad town. A local physician, Dr. C.T. Ford, experimented with tobacco growing in the Mullins area, and his work proved the suitability of the Pee Dee Region for tobacco production. In 1894, the Planter's Tobacco Warehouse was established in Mullins and within the early decades of the 20th century Mullins became the largest tobacco market in South Carolina.

Tobacco-buying procedures in the late 20th century generally eliminated the tobacco warehouse tradition in South Carolina, but Mullins has maintained its legacy as a historic tobacco market. The South Carolina Tobacco Museum, housed in the historic Mullins Train Depot, preserves the important history of tobacco production in the region. Museum exhibits feature historic barns, tools, and equipment that trace the full production cycle of a historic, mid-19th century tobacco farm. The area's tobacco-growing history is also celebrated by the annual Gold Leaf Festival held in Mullins.
Access and Admission
Access Description: Monday through Friday: 9am - 5pm
Average Viewing Time: 1.5 Hours
Admission: Adults $2/Chidren and Seniors $1
Tours and Events
Guided Tours: Yes
Events: A special Mullins Heritage Tour is offered for groups of 12 or more, lead by a guide, through the historic area. $20 per person, including a buffet lunch and admission to museum. Tours starts at 10am and end at 2pm. Please call in advance to schedule tour groups.