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Hampton Plantation State Historic Site

Maintained by the S.C. Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, Hampton Plantation State Historic Site preserves a Colonial-era rice and indigo plantation on the Santee River delta, approximately 16 miles south of Georgetown.


Hampton Plantation State Historic Site
1950 Rutledge Rd., McClellanville, SC 29458
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Phone: 843-5469361
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Site Description
Located 16 miles south of Georgetown in Charleston County, Hampton Plantation State Historic Site is best known as the home of Archibald Rutledge, South Carolina's most beloved 20th century poet and writer. Rutledge's ancestor, Daniel Horry, established Hampton Plantation, a rice and indigo plantation, on the Santee River delta in 1730. Over the centuries, Hampton Plantation became the home for several prominent South Carolina families - the Rutledges, Horrys and Pinckneys - as well as countless African-American slaves who worked as laborers, servants, craftsmen and artisans at the plantation.

Today, Hampton Plantation State Historic Site preserves the plantation home and surrounding forests, fields and wetlands. Tours of the home provide insight into the architecture of the day as well as plantation culture. The plantation produced 250,000 acres of rice in 1850 and cultivation of the crop was dependent on the plantation's African-American slaves. The site focuses on the plantation's slave culture, its numerous famous and historical figures, and South Carolina poet Archibald Rutledge.
Access and Admission
Site Access: Public
Access Description: Grounds: 9am-5pm Daily/Mansion Hours: Sa-Tu at 1,2 and 3/Reservations Strongly Recommended or some features.
Average Viewing Time: 2 Hours
Admission: House: SC Seniors $3.75/Adults $7.50/Ages 6-15 $3.50/Ages 5 and Under Free
Ownership: Public/SC
Tours and Events
Guided Tours: Yes